Monday, May 27, 2013

hoping to jump big leap

Hello Monday!  I do have running my errands after dropping my boy to school, and also planning to buy the birthday present for my boy upcoming Wednesday birthday party.  I do like bring my little one to go the toys us , there is not so busy in the morning, so my little one likes to try different kind of type bicycle, that make her quite satisfied.  Finally, I cant buy anything at there, how to be honest for the toysrus's staff she told me probably the EB game at southgate mall they will carry this kind of the stuff "skylander".  Anyway, I went there also wanted to know the jewelry store that one I am gonna apply to work as a part time job, too.  
Today, I felt my little one and my boy has changed a lot, my little one hasn't asked me telling story while waiting her brother, she had been focusing to draw.  My boy he was self-motivated to study his quiz.  Maybe it is time to let him go.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Big Leap

I love this book, I am looking for the answer.  The author is exactly telling what my situation  is.  I have this syndrome "diseases of unfulfillment", and also I have a chronic fatigue syndrome.   I have to figure out what's going on for me.  "Fear", "anger" , "sadness" .  I want to talk more, it is pretty close at the midnight.  So I will like to discuss later.

I feel so sorry to put my emotion on my little one while I can't figure out my fear & sadness.  What fear I got today, I saw mice at our backyard, I felt very scared that kind of animal I hate the most, and also I had messed up my little one extra dance class rehearsal , back home I couln't have Internet to find out the dance class's schedule.  All the emotion came back again too. 

Take a deep breath,  focus on what you want to go first "my dear" .  Tommorow is a better day!  😑

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello Monday

That 's my boy making for me.
That's my little one making for me.

Yesterday was another year of Mother's Day.  I didn't expect my kids knew how to celebrate, they had done their craft works at school.  I am not that kinda person like to showing off what the kids did something for.  We didn't have any special supper or event to celebrate.  For sure, if we did have, it's gonna be fun.  
I missed my mom, I called her on Saturday night, before I wanted to say "happy Mother's Day" I asked her did they have any celebration, she said nothing, so I didn't say my greeting out of my mouth.  I know my mom is not care about such traditional event, or maybe she doesn't know what's going on.
I've done this book, it's so good to read, but it made quite nervous about my future, I don't want to be broken , I don't want my life going be that.  I don't know how... Is it such a poor thing.  I don't want my life looking like my mom.  I have to create my own whatever how old am I .

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Make it "Craft show"

Finally, we brought our kids visiting the craft show holding by "Make it Edmonton".  It is such amazing show and awesome chance to see talents artists around here.  I love it.

There is quite nice place behind the craft show, we could also shop around the green house, so much
beautiful plant around the arena.

Sucessful Artist

As you know I love reading my favour bloggers to see what inspiration I can get, there is another story talking about this lady she is wearing different hats such as pattern design , rain boots, i phone case, the most important she got licensing so that she could run successful biz, not only she got licensing, it should say she is working hard girl, you can read her story from here.
I want to create my own creative life, although they are younger than me, so they have tons of stamina.  They are such a mental metaphor giving me a passion to create my life, we are both of the same boat, having a family, but some artists they don't  have kids, some have.  It doesn't matter it is important how to juggle and balance your daily schedule. "BE BOLD AND BE BRAVE", "DONT'T BE FEAR HAVING MISTAKE, KEEPING MOVING".

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gatekeeper vs Gatejumper

Reading a few pages of the book "trust agent" by. Chris Brogan & Julien Smith. Telling me how to modify your business into the gate jumper. During many decades, you got to innovate your business though the digital platform to connect your audience.
How ? Where? Who? What? As you know I can't work soldering my products at home, it is not safe, I got to think sewing , stitching or other materials to make those things happened.
Recently , I am crazy about J. Crew's creative director how she can create bold, and mix & match chic outfits. So, maybe I can do it on my own accessories. Anyway, I need to do my freelance first . Finished Michael' s tiara project, now working hard on futurist style matching Belford 's stone cutting technique to make those happen, but I have to try squeezing a couple of hours to make my Kari's wedding project.

One more thing, I want to keep it in mind that from "Impact Equation" how to gain some understanding for my audience.
-Do I make people feel comfortable?
-Can I look people in the eyes?
-Do I talk about myself or about others?
-Am I relatable?
-Do I let myself be vulnerable around others?
-Do I seem relaxed or tense ?
I think those questions we could always keep in mind that how to get friendship or relationship of your partners whoever around you.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Hubby New toy

I am so happy my little one interesting what I made.  This butterfly necklace I made of shrinky dinks.  And she keeps asking teaching her how to make.  She loves enjoying what I make for her.
She is funny and curious girl to making a shadow while she is drawing and I am working.  Now, I
think what's project on my hand now is:
 1. Being a good mom
2. Being a good wife
3.  Raising 2 kids
4. Being an entrepreneur.
5. continuous learner.
I know it's hard but I have to made it happen since you moved here, you don't have any connection and relative living around you, you did everything all by yourself.  Even though you don't have enough sleeping time or break time, you should try to balance everything, it seems very hard to made it.  I am human, sometimes, I can't manage my emotion very well, such as this morning I want to teach my little one phonic, ask her to read, she seems not very cooperated to me, I try to clam down emotion to think how to make it well, maybe do it later or do something else rather than insisting doing this. It ends up not bad.  HaHa! I made it.  

My hubby will be so happy to see his new toy. :)  I love smart phone it can made your friends and relative very closely since you moved far away from them. This morning I chatted with my close friend, we are very like-minded people, she encouraged me don't give up.  Love it!