Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gatekeeper vs Gatejumper

Reading a few pages of the book "trust agent" by. Chris Brogan & Julien Smith. Telling me how to modify your business into the gate jumper. During many decades, you got to innovate your business though the digital platform to connect your audience.
How ? Where? Who? What? As you know I can't work soldering my products at home, it is not safe, I got to think sewing , stitching or other materials to make those things happened.
Recently , I am crazy about J. Crew's creative director how she can create bold, and mix & match chic outfits. So, maybe I can do it on my own accessories. Anyway, I need to do my freelance first . Finished Michael' s tiara project, now working hard on futurist style matching Belford 's stone cutting technique to make those happen, but I have to try squeezing a couple of hours to make my Kari's wedding project.

One more thing, I want to keep it in mind that from "Impact Equation" how to gain some understanding for my audience.
-Do I make people feel comfortable?
-Can I look people in the eyes?
-Do I talk about myself or about others?
-Am I relatable?
-Do I let myself be vulnerable around others?
-Do I seem relaxed or tense ?
I think those questions we could always keep in mind that how to get friendship or relationship of your partners whoever around you.

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