Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Etsy get found in search

Just read the"Quit your day job" features artist from Etsy, she said this article is must read. 

How to Get Found in Search

March of 2012 is Get Found Month! Be sure to tune in.
Getting found in search may seem daunting, but all it takes is a little know-how. Basically, think like a buyer — use descriptive phrases that they might search to find your item in your listings’ titles and tags. Here are our simple steps to help you get found in search!

Step 1: Brainstorm Keywords and Phrases

Start a list of keywords and phrases to try. Here are some ideas for brainstorming:
Item Attributes: Use this brainstorming list to think of search terms.
Search Suggestions: Start typing what you sell in the search bar, with Handmade, Vintage or Supplies selected. The words that appear are recent customer search terms. Think of synonyms and try those as well!

Descriptions: Look in your listing’s description — often, there are good ideas in there!

Step 2: Apply Search Terms to Your Listings

Now that you have a list of keywords and phrases you want to try, work them in to your listings. Be sure to use very important terms on each listing.
Make titles descriptive, accurate, and elegant: While keeping your titles attractive and buyer-friendly, add more accurate terms that buyers are likely to search.
Maximize your tags: Use all available spaces with good keywords and phrases.
Diversity matters: Don’t name all of your similar items the same (or nearly the same) thing! Each listing is a chance for a buyer to find you, so if you diversify your keywords you’ll be found in lots of different searches.
Put important terms in both titles and tags.
Important terms to the front: If your titles are long (more than one line in “List” mode), put very important search terms so they fall in the first line.

Step 3: Make Sure It’s Working

Shop Stats: Keep an eye on your stats to see what keywords are bringing people in! Make sure to use the strongest keywords wherever it is accurate. Incorporate other keywords as well, especially specific ones. Remember to diversify!
Slow and steady: If your search terms are already bringing people into your shop, go slowly with making major changes so you can see what’s working before doing more.

Step 4: Bring It Together

Get help: If you need help with coming up with search terms or improving your search ranking, try posting in one of the team forums about Relevancy or SEO.
Test your knowledge: Try this fun search quiz from Veri, an educational website, about improving your Etsy search ranking.
See more examples: We worked with a few sellers on their search relevancy. Watch these videos below:

Seller Handbook | Etsy Success Newsletter

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making ideas happen

Recently, i am done the "making ideas happen".  I took almost few months to finish it, it is not kidding, because i borrow from library, so i couldn't read it continously.  Hahaha, now i am done that book, but i want to read it again, it could bring me how to tranform my vision into reality using he advise us the 3 elements-Action Steps, Reference, Backburner. Keep in mind that the following fews thing.
- modify your organizational habits, engage a broader community, and develop your leadership
- Genius is 1% inspriration, and 99 % perspiration
- Everything in the life should be approached as a project.
- managing your energy and attention, and fully executing your ideas
The forces of community are invaluable
- Embrace opportunities to broadcast and then refine your ideas through the energy of those around
- Don't spend too much energy searching for the next great idea, it would be better served by
  developing the capacity to make ideas happen ( a capacity that endures over time)
- most ideas lose traction immediately without taking action.  Most ideas are born and lost in isolation
- generating and excuting your ideas. when you have an action plans
- successful creative entity must be comfortable altenating between these two creative phases:
  ideation and excution
- making ideas happen - (THE IDEA) + organization and execution + forces of community +
  leadership capability
So, i am going to stick those ideas to see how my progress is going.  Will see.  So, tonite i done my freelance project on my hand, i ask myself i have to done the first project tonite, i make it.  I can arrange my noon time doing work out, you know what my little one doesn't like to nap, so i ask her to take a break or do whatever she wants, so i can do my work out without any distraction.  Hehehehe..
But my poor boy is sick again, i am wondering why he is easy to get sick within one month.  So, i determined to cancel their swimming class after school.  I am so glad that he really likes to read and also when he likes to do something no one can stop it or remind how to do it, such as book order from his school. Haha. 
Snap shot inside the car.

My sick boy!

it is pretty close to supper time, my little one is getting tired.

She sits quietly in her big brother bedroom reading story to her stuff animals.

My little one's art work.  she says she draws eyes & mouth.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Editing Website

Busy! Busy!  Finally, i know how to figure it out the website, that is a long way to go and also there are lots of features i need to figure out how to use it, anyway you could see me in here.  There is so much fun to create the site i am sitting on my chair almost whole day without taking care of my kiddos, feel so sorry about that.  Anyway, i am still going to do my daily of my life jouranls.  Hahaha, i am almost there to step by step moving forward. 
Still keep going reading a story for my little one, of course she loves to read
her new story when i was in school she asked daddy to buy from Zeller.

After taking intensive school during the past weekend, i come back on my desk
making the birthday gift for my friends coming this weekend.

I am making silhouette, it is hard to make a nice pic, because i don't have a good

After making those silhouette, it seems not really good, so i am trying to make
a new one for them. Da Ta!  I think the below pics those are what i want.

Our winter time is coming back!