Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last summer camp

This week i have signed my big boy to go his last week of summer camp, this program is only for teaching them how to play basketball.    I am not sure my boy is interested it or not.  Anyway, i want him to go more sporty life in his childhood.  It seems he is really really like this program.   He looks really tired after the camp.   Hey!  Don't worry, i will give you a treat such as watching movie with your little sister..hehehehe....I can't believe it how summer day time is so long, even i done my hair cut after taking our supper, we still have a fun time to go for a walk and playground too.  They have so much time before bedtime...
Ready to watch their movie..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Time

Today is my hubby taking his second week vocation, after taking lunch at home, we are heading for Corn Maze.  Actually, it should be so much fun, if we have a good plan before starting to walk the maze.  We are so excited when we see the first spot at the bridge.  No later a couple minutes, we feel so dizzy, frustrated and tired.  I think what if we couldn't get out here, and my little one is so cranky and also my boy is so grumpy, or someone wants to go toilet.  There are just only me and my hubby could make decision how to get out here, so we want to go back what we started, but it took almost over a half an hour to find where we start.  We see the number sign of orange pole, so we are thinking no. 5....oh my gosh!!! It should be a long way to reach the exit.  We go back & forth to see the small no. sign, but we couldn't.  So, we think maybe there is no other way to go back and keep moving forward to see the bigger no. sign.  Luckily, we could find where we started.  :)
I can't imagine how many "first time" things happened at the same day.
1. first time 3R jumping in the bouncy pillow.
2. first time 3R at the corn maze.
3. first time 3R riding pedal cart.
4. first time my little one feeding animals.
5. first time 3R standing in the hay.
I am so thankful all of that my hubby arranged for us.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sick kids

Oh! Poor little babe, she got infection from her big brother.  This morning i could make an appiontment for my little one.  Can you believe it is the first time i drove all the way by myself?  It is not kidding.  I am proud of myself too.  Luckily, my big boy is getting better now, but he's still not yet ate solid food.  We need to enforce him to bit more.  Anyway, just take a time, on the other hand, my poor little one, she has a fever consistenly all day.  I am so worried about her too.  They are sticking with me except turning TV on, i know that is not a good way to slove the problem. 
Talking about my working process, i don't know what is the problem for the ink jet printing, i couldn't do any good result using the printing SD.  The colour is easy to wipe out, so i use the kitchen paper to wipe all the ink out, and using the marked to draw a pic, it is not too bad, i think i should do the sealer on the top, the result will see much better.
My sick kiddos

New experiment

That is the only one using the Inkjet SD, the colour still keep very well.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid of the Summer Time

I am not that kind of lazy woman, it seemed that I was away for a long time.  Let me tell you something, i am working hard my online biz, and my freelance projects.  I wanted to have a new post yesterday night. While i wanted to post, my little ones woke up sitting on the upstair, asking me sleep with her.  You know what it was mid of night.  There is something happen you couldn't control it. 
I couldn't image it is almost mid of the August, another school is coming.  Times goes so fast!!! This year I had just signed my big boy go to cool summer camp though the metro continuing school.  It just only took one and a half hour.  I thought it was good for him to focus academic even the summer had just started.  And I still give him & my little one in swimming class in those 2 months. 
And also i still have posted my kiddos photos in here . and my online shop in here .  And end of july my birthday flower like this.