Thursday, March 1, 2012

Editing Website

Busy! Busy!  Finally, i know how to figure it out the website, that is a long way to go and also there are lots of features i need to figure out how to use it, anyway you could see me in here.  There is so much fun to create the site i am sitting on my chair almost whole day without taking care of my kiddos, feel so sorry about that.  Anyway, i am still going to do my daily of my life jouranls.  Hahaha, i am almost there to step by step moving forward. 
Still keep going reading a story for my little one, of course she loves to read
her new story when i was in school she asked daddy to buy from Zeller.

After taking intensive school during the past weekend, i come back on my desk
making the birthday gift for my friends coming this weekend.

I am making silhouette, it is hard to make a nice pic, because i don't have a good

After making those silhouette, it seems not really good, so i am trying to make
a new one for them. Da Ta!  I think the below pics those are what i want.

Our winter time is coming back!

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