Saturday, February 4, 2012

Watching Day

I am so glad that i have a chance to watch my little one how's learning in her ballet class.  I know i will be very buzy in the next coming month, because i am going back to school.  I had enrolled the bookkeeping certificate at NAIT.   I don't know what i can do for my future, of course i want to be working home with my kiddos, it just plays it safe for my future.  I know i am not alone doing this, so i gonna work hard than before to make it happens.   I need to be patient. ;( so sad to yell at them...
Anyway, tomorrow will be another day.. ;P

Celebrate the creative pieces of yourself.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Inspiration LJ

Great!!!! My favourite artist is featured in the Design sponge.  Awesome!!!!

Be a creative person.

Apple store event

Can i be having one of the successful online business?  I do like the concept of le papier studio.  All her designs using  silhouette making different kind of accessories.  And that is so much interesting behind her story is documenting her son.  You can read it here
What is my story?? My story is designing everthing for our family including home decor or accessories, especially the jewelry for the little one to lady, using different kind of material to design meaningful accessories. "Just do it".
I like the those words "Making Ideas Happen".

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New projects

Time goes so fast!  During the January, we have a Lunar New year's celebration, my hubby had practised playing with their band, because they had performerce at the west mall. He was so miserable having a bone pain.  I felt very sorry, i couldn't help him out, what if i get a job or my on line business can support our finanical.  Is it so great???
Anyway, i need to be triple working hard in coming year, making more products, squeeze all my time to work my freelance project, and also study.  
This is i want to achieve my goals,
1. working with my kiddos
2. more productive for my online business
3. working more freelance, that one i can really earn my cash
4. studying bookkeeping for my business or the side business
5. do more work out
6. scrapbooking
7. learning photoshop or illustrator
8. keep going my project 365

yeah, one more thing i want to achieve this year, learning more cooking skills,
so tonight supper is smoothies+pasta, haha, is it wired???