Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New projects

Time goes so fast!  During the January, we have a Lunar New year's celebration, my hubby had practised playing with their band, because they had performerce at the west mall. He was so miserable having a bone pain.  I felt very sorry, i couldn't help him out, what if i get a job or my on line business can support our finanical.  Is it so great???
Anyway, i need to be triple working hard in coming year, making more products, squeeze all my time to work my freelance project, and also study.  
This is i want to achieve my goals,
1. working with my kiddos
2. more productive for my online business
3. working more freelance, that one i can really earn my cash
4. studying bookkeeping for my business or the side business
5. do more work out
6. scrapbooking
7. learning photoshop or illustrator
8. keep going my project 365

yeah, one more thing i want to achieve this year, learning more cooking skills,
so tonight supper is smoothies+pasta, haha, is it wired???

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