Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello April

It should be more fun in Spring Break with the kids, but the first day i felt not really good, maybe the weather was changed, so i got to stay home with the kids.  On the other hand, i thought how to entertain with them.  First, i would give them crafting time.

And the third day, i felt much better, so i bought them to the library, my big boy loved to go there, it sounds good right.  
No one wants to be sick, it really sucks, no mood, no stamina.  My hubby is supposedly to take day off going with the kids, he did. Unfortunately, he was the last one to get sick in our family, but he was the worst one to go to see a doctor. Hopefully, he would be getting well as soon as possible, everything should resume normal.
In March, i had a lot of project WIP, my freelance and side biz, all are on the way, it doesn't matter, that is my busy life. here is my big fancy diamond necklace sketches for my client.