Monday, May 27, 2013

hoping to jump big leap

Hello Monday!  I do have running my errands after dropping my boy to school, and also planning to buy the birthday present for my boy upcoming Wednesday birthday party.  I do like bring my little one to go the toys us , there is not so busy in the morning, so my little one likes to try different kind of type bicycle, that make her quite satisfied.  Finally, I cant buy anything at there, how to be honest for the toysrus's staff she told me probably the EB game at southgate mall they will carry this kind of the stuff "skylander".  Anyway, I went there also wanted to know the jewelry store that one I am gonna apply to work as a part time job, too.  
Today, I felt my little one and my boy has changed a lot, my little one hasn't asked me telling story while waiting her brother, she had been focusing to draw.  My boy he was self-motivated to study his quiz.  Maybe it is time to let him go.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Big Leap

I love this book, I am looking for the answer.  The author is exactly telling what my situation  is.  I have this syndrome "diseases of unfulfillment", and also I have a chronic fatigue syndrome.   I have to figure out what's going on for me.  "Fear", "anger" , "sadness" .  I want to talk more, it is pretty close at the midnight.  So I will like to discuss later.

I feel so sorry to put my emotion on my little one while I can't figure out my fear & sadness.  What fear I got today, I saw mice at our backyard, I felt very scared that kind of animal I hate the most, and also I had messed up my little one extra dance class rehearsal , back home I couln't have Internet to find out the dance class's schedule.  All the emotion came back again too. 

Take a deep breath,  focus on what you want to go first "my dear" .  Tommorow is a better day!  😑

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello Monday

That 's my boy making for me.
That's my little one making for me.

Yesterday was another year of Mother's Day.  I didn't expect my kids knew how to celebrate, they had done their craft works at school.  I am not that kinda person like to showing off what the kids did something for.  We didn't have any special supper or event to celebrate.  For sure, if we did have, it's gonna be fun.  
I missed my mom, I called her on Saturday night, before I wanted to say "happy Mother's Day" I asked her did they have any celebration, she said nothing, so I didn't say my greeting out of my mouth.  I know my mom is not care about such traditional event, or maybe she doesn't know what's going on.
I've done this book, it's so good to read, but it made quite nervous about my future, I don't want to be broken , I don't want my life going be that.  I don't know how... Is it such a poor thing.  I don't want my life looking like my mom.  I have to create my own whatever how old am I .