Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello Monday

That 's my boy making for me.
That's my little one making for me.

Yesterday was another year of Mother's Day.  I didn't expect my kids knew how to celebrate, they had done their craft works at school.  I am not that kinda person like to showing off what the kids did something for.  We didn't have any special supper or event to celebrate.  For sure, if we did have, it's gonna be fun.  
I missed my mom, I called her on Saturday night, before I wanted to say "happy Mother's Day" I asked her did they have any celebration, she said nothing, so I didn't say my greeting out of my mouth.  I know my mom is not care about such traditional event, or maybe she doesn't know what's going on.
I've done this book, it's so good to read, but it made quite nervous about my future, I don't want to be broken , I don't want my life going be that.  I don't know how... Is it such a poor thing.  I don't want my life looking like my mom.  I have to create my own whatever how old am I .

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