Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Big Leap

I love this book, I am looking for the answer.  The author is exactly telling what my situation  is.  I have this syndrome "diseases of unfulfillment", and also I have a chronic fatigue syndrome.   I have to figure out what's going on for me.  "Fear", "anger" , "sadness" .  I want to talk more, it is pretty close at the midnight.  So I will like to discuss later.

I feel so sorry to put my emotion on my little one while I can't figure out my fear & sadness.  What fear I got today, I saw mice at our backyard, I felt very scared that kind of animal I hate the most, and also I had messed up my little one extra dance class rehearsal , back home I couln't have Internet to find out the dance class's schedule.  All the emotion came back again too. 

Take a deep breath,  focus on what you want to go first "my dear" .  Tommorow is a better day!  😑

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