Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sucessful Artist

As you know I love reading my favour bloggers to see what inspiration I can get, there is another story talking about this lady she is wearing different hats such as pattern design , rain boots, i phone case, the most important she got licensing so that she could run successful biz, not only she got licensing, it should say she is working hard girl, you can read her story from here.
I want to create my own creative life, although they are younger than me, so they have tons of stamina.  They are such a mental metaphor giving me a passion to create my life, we are both of the same boat, having a family, but some artists they don't  have kids, some have.  It doesn't matter it is important how to juggle and balance your daily schedule. "BE BOLD AND BE BRAVE", "DONT'T BE FEAR HAVING MISTAKE, KEEPING MOVING".

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