Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sick kids

Oh! Poor little babe, she got infection from her big brother.  This morning i could make an appiontment for my little one.  Can you believe it is the first time i drove all the way by myself?  It is not kidding.  I am proud of myself too.  Luckily, my big boy is getting better now, but he's still not yet ate solid food.  We need to enforce him to bit more.  Anyway, just take a time, on the other hand, my poor little one, she has a fever consistenly all day.  I am so worried about her too.  They are sticking with me except turning TV on, i know that is not a good way to slove the problem. 
Talking about my working process, i don't know what is the problem for the ink jet printing, i couldn't do any good result using the printing SD.  The colour is easy to wipe out, so i use the kitchen paper to wipe all the ink out, and using the marked to draw a pic, it is not too bad, i think i should do the sealer on the top, the result will see much better.
My sick kiddos

New experiment

That is the only one using the Inkjet SD, the colour still keep very well.

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