Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid of the Summer Time

I am not that kind of lazy woman, it seemed that I was away for a long time.  Let me tell you something, i am working hard my online biz, and my freelance projects.  I wanted to have a new post yesterday night. While i wanted to post, my little ones woke up sitting on the upstair, asking me sleep with her.  You know what it was mid of night.  There is something happen you couldn't control it. 
I couldn't image it is almost mid of the August, another school is coming.  Times goes so fast!!! This year I had just signed my big boy go to cool summer camp though the metro continuing school.  It just only took one and a half hour.  I thought it was good for him to focus academic even the summer had just started.  And I still give him & my little one in swimming class in those 2 months. 
And also i still have posted my kiddos photos in here . and my online shop in here .  And end of july my birthday flower like this.

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