Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Time

Today is my hubby taking his second week vocation, after taking lunch at home, we are heading for Corn Maze.  Actually, it should be so much fun, if we have a good plan before starting to walk the maze.  We are so excited when we see the first spot at the bridge.  No later a couple minutes, we feel so dizzy, frustrated and tired.  I think what if we couldn't get out here, and my little one is so cranky and also my boy is so grumpy, or someone wants to go toilet.  There are just only me and my hubby could make decision how to get out here, so we want to go back what we started, but it took almost over a half an hour to find where we start.  We see the number sign of orange pole, so we are thinking no. 5....oh my gosh!!! It should be a long way to reach the exit.  We go back & forth to see the small no. sign, but we couldn't.  So, we think maybe there is no other way to go back and keep moving forward to see the bigger no. sign.  Luckily, we could find where we started.  :)
I can't imagine how many "first time" things happened at the same day.
1. first time 3R jumping in the bouncy pillow.
2. first time 3R at the corn maze.
3. first time 3R riding pedal cart.
4. first time my little one feeding animals.
5. first time 3R standing in the hay.
I am so thankful all of that my hubby arranged for us.

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