Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Love Reading

I am reading the book" The impact Equation" by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith.    I know I am not that kind of person to connect social media, it is really bad for me, so my hubby it is hard for me to do my online biz.  It is such a HUGE problem for me, but anyway, I am trying to find the way figuring out.  Talking about this book asks the question "What can THE IMPACT EQUATION do for you? It says that IMPACT = C X (R+E+A+T+E)
CONTRAST: Does your idea stand our?
REACH: How many people do you connect to?
EXPOSURE: How often does your audience hear from you?
ARTICULATION: Is your idea clear enough?
TRUST: Do people believe you?
ECHO:  Does your idea connect to you audience?
How to create your life as you want that is up to me how to create by myself.
It look like light bulk to wake me up.  I love it.  Let me brighten our story more
fruitful and joyful. I always read the meaningful bloggers talking how they are
working hard their products and their life.  They make me smile and like a digital
mentors.  It is so awesome.
I gave up to look for a job search  this few months, sometimes makes me feel so frustrated to look for a part time job.  There are too much concerning about how to juggle our family schedule.  I have 2 options, one is part-time jewelry associate, but this is the only way I can do for my family to earn extra money during this an half a year, because my little one is still in the half day of the school year.
Anyway, I still have a freelance on hand, and also I want to put more extra time on my online biz.  Speaking on my online biz, I am working on my niece wedding projects, I hope she will like it, I need to go for it, this is only a chance focusing on the wedding projects. 
Creating my middle age power to live happily with our family and raise two young kids with joyful
and capturing our daily journey!  HORRAY!

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