Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Challenge!!!

I'm coming back my blog.  It seems i am so lazy to document my life.  Why am i suddenly picking up my fingers to do it.  Recently, i felt so scared to drive during heavily snowing last Thursday, even i had changed my winter tired, that happened to me, my van got stucked into the curb while i was trying to make u-turn while i saw there was a huge back up line facing south side at person road, i was extremely lucky to get the firefighters helping out while i was stucked into the curb.  After backing to pick up my little one, my leg was shaking to press the pedal.  I was so nervous what if i couldn't pick up my kids, who could?  What if something had happened, what should my family can do.  So, i kept watching the weather report to see the road conditions, and check the Edmonton journal on line to see what will happen in here, then, i suddenly found that blog.  This blog gives me huge motivation to document my family life.
I am thinking how to survival  in Edmonton without any extended family, and also i am thinking how to document "Being aging parents or mom, finanical burden's life changing".  This is quite challenging.   How to fix the problems step by step and how to move forward with my young kids. 
I have planned working from home, this was quite a good idea, but for me i might say "no", because i am really not sociable lady and really no network in here.  So, my hobby gave me some advice to go back studying bookkeeping,  he said this field is quite high demanding in this city, so i have already took 7 subjects and 3 more subjects to go completing my certificate.  I am not sure it is the right or not, i think this is the another way to get my job in the area.  For sure, i am still thinking wokring from home, so i'm still working on it, to see which way is good for me to step on it. 
The photo seems not very clearly, because i just woke up and couldn't focus it.  I do really treasure with my kidds at that moment. Life is full of challenge!

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