Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas coming!!

I can't believe the Christmas is coming.  This year i couldn't make anything.   It sounds pretty frustrated.  Every moms have worn many hats too, just like me, how come i couldn't make it.  I have to pursue myself doing all of those things i want to be succeed. 
1. If i want to working from home, i need to work hard with my online biz, otherwise, my hobby will   be   having too much stress depending on his paycheck.
2. Studying bookkeeper for my future side career, just in case if my online biz couldn't run very smoothly
    I need to have a side career.
3. Caring my little one for school, i am planning for my little one going to Suzuki Charter school..
4. Trying to be the best mom as i could.
5. Learning together with my kiddos.
I am trying to think how many i should add on this goals, may be i will fill more on top later.
Yesterday, we had a family Christmas dinner at Cathy's house.  That is so good we still have a party for my kiddos memorising.

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