Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chinese Traditional Family Dinner

Tonite, we were outside taking our "Chinese Traditional Family Dinner".  I think it is pretty similar "Thanksgiving".  My hubby is going to have a annual leave until next year.  Hooray!!! 
I can't believe my little one was having first time Christmas party in her preschool.  I were wondering why they had to wear PJ celebrating the Christmas????  So funny!!!  I had tried to take a few shots for my little one, but she seemed not coopreateing to me, maybe she woke up so early this morning.  Can you believe it 6:15am.  :( for me so tired. 

My little one had skipped her nap time very often, she probably didn't need anymore.  So, i gave up to force her napping, just let her laying down with me while i were taking a nap ;).    When i done my nap, i asked her still staying on her bedroom, let me having a time to work. ;p.  After all my big boy & my hubby at home, we were going for our "Yummy" dinner. 
Sometimes, it is true that you should keep secret to your child. Otherwise, you would get in trouble, you know what happened.  My big boy knew me buying a christmas gift for his tommorrow school party.  He knew what i bought.  So, this whloe dinner we just heard my big boy said i wanna a tiny pack pokumoe too.  He was keeping saying this for our dinner time. ;(

 This year for my big boy class, i could provide cookies, and wrapped the christmas for his class teacher & gift for boy.   And my little one after taking dinner, when we were heading for home and trying to explain to my big boy what were the needs & wants, my little one was falling asleep. She must be so tired.  ;)

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