Friday, December 31, 2010

New year in 2011

Happy New Year!!!  Wishing you wonderful year & dreams come true.  I have previous blog is "Enjoy our Life" but i have a little problems about the pics storage, so i don't want to get stuck on it.  Maybe start a new blog is much better than stucking on it.  I add one more word on "Enjoy Our Little Life", because i know living here we don't have too many relatives & friends around us.  Starting new life is not easy for us, even though we have been living here almost 6 years.  I know living in quite, peaceful area we have to make a choice.  Anyway, this year i use one word to describe "CREATIVE'.  I want to create my daily life how to utilize being a working mom.  How to create my work more productive???  How to create a balance life being motherhood & working mom????
My new year resolution
1. More productive in my freelance.
2. More productive in my biz.
3. More time to teach my little one.
4. More time to get along with my big boy.
5. More time to scrapbook.
6. More time to reading.
7. More time to work out.
8. More time to learn new cooking method.
9. More time to be a good mom.
10. More time to learn new software helping my design project.

My New glasses

Happy New Year

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